Filling a field when a date is entered into another field

I have a table that I’m using to track instrument checkouts for a high school marching band. It pulls from two other tables (one with the student information and the other with the instrument information), but I also enter data directly into the form, namely the date the instrument was checked out. I want to automate the step of filling in the school year field when I enter the date that the instrument was checked out (see screen shot for what I want it to look like).

The formula I used is this

IF(IS_AFTER({Date Checked Out},6/3/2021), “21-22”)

but it only gave me an error.

How would I change the formula to get the result I’m looking for?

Alternatively, because the school year will only be “21-22”, I could just have that field pre-populate with that value when I create a new record, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that either.

I appreciate any help you can give me!


The IS_AFTER function expects a date object which is different form typing in a date. Currently Airtable thinks that you are dividing numbers.

You need to use DATETIME_PARSE to convert your date text string to a date object.

Try this …

    {Date Checked Out},
      {Date Checked Out}, 
      DATETIME_PARSE("6/3/2021", "M/D/YYYY")

However, this formula will not work well when you want school year 22-23.

As for pre-populating the school year, you could run an automation that will fill in the text field. You could use the “when record created” trigger.

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