Filling out a form brings results from a Base

Hello, I’m trying to set up an automated form. Essentially, the employee will input a bunch of data while filling out the form, one of which will be a license plate number. Once they input the form and submit it, I want it to show results from the Base that include the specific license plate they wrote. Is that possible?

Welcome to the community, @Marsha_Morrell! :smiley: Airtable’s forms only create new records on the table where they were made. They can’t be used to search for and return information from a base.

To do what you want, you’ll need a third-party form tool like JotForm or TypeForm. You’ll also likely need some custom API code to search your base and return the desired results based on the form contents. There may be some existing helper tools already designed for this purpose, but I’ve never built such a system, so I’ll have to let someone else speak to the specifics of such a setup. I’ll tag @ScottWorld and @Bill.French for their input.

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Thanks, @Justin_Barrett!

Hi @Marsha_Morrell, Welcome to the community!

I think your best bet might be to use one of the prebuilt solutions out there that are specifically designed for this type of a situation.

It seems like a quick & easy way to do this would be to use this extension:

If you need more advanced features, you could use a combination of JotForm and On2Air Forms.


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