Filter by actual linked record object

I seem to have access to a new feature that let’s me build a filter based on an exact linked record object. But the way I get access to it seems to be a bug.

If I try to build a filter by chosing a linked record field, I only have the options of [‘contains’, ‘does not contain’, ‘is empty’, ‘is not empty’]. However if I start my filter on a different field type, such as a formula or text field, I can chose the filter option ‘is’. Once I have selected ‘is’, if I then change my filtered field back to a linked record, I have a new option to filter my linked records with ‘is exactly’, and I am presented with a standard lookup list to choose from. Unless I have missed something, this is a huge new feature that I can put to good use. I have added some screenshots, let me know if others have the same thing.

Filter by is on a different field
Filter by is exactly on a linked record

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Airtable seems to be testing this new feature behind the scenes over the last few weeks They probably didn’t mean for it to show up yet, so it looks like you’ve stumbled onto a bug on how to get it to display. I would definitely not rely on any choices that you make there to stay there, although they certainly might. In the meantime, I would report this to


@Morgan_Watkins Never mind! This feature is live now! :smiley:

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Great news, this streamlines things very nicely. I hold out hope of a feature where a linked record can power a dependent drop down list. Airtable really is a great product.

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This is the elephant in the room. This is the killer feature that everybody is hoping & praying for. Be sure to email about this!

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