Filter by Field? Twilio

Hi All,

This is for a Twilio Call IVR.

Is there a way with Airtable-Node Module to filter by Field and not ID.

I guess its kinda like a number look up and give back the value of the field?

1234 gathered digits on a call gets back a field, like status.

The code below returns four IDs
Sorry I am learning to code JS.

exports.handler = async (event, context, callback) => {

try {

    const { records } = await airtable.list()

    const appointments  = => {


        const  id  = appointment

        const { name, PIN, Result, Status, Phone_Number } = appointment.fields


       // const url = image[0].url

        return { id, name, PIN, Result, Status, Phone_Number }        


      callback(null, {

         statusCode: 200,

         body: JSON.stringify( appointments ),


} catch (err) {

    callback(null, {

        statusCode: 500,

        body: 'Server Error',





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