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I have a Base with the following tables: People, Contact History. In Contact History I am logging all conversations with the people from the first table and many times there are multiple records in Contact History for every person in the People table.

I am trying to show in the People table just the notes from the most recent contact with that person.

As I understand it, I can’t use a rollup field to do this because it’s a string.

Any advice pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the community, @ Joseph_Desilets! :smiley:

No, but you could use a collection of rollup fields to get what you need. Here’s where I’m starting, with three contact records tied to one person:

I’m using a simple date-name formula for the primary field in the [Contact History] table:


The first thing to add in the [People] table is a rollup that finds the latest note date:

In the [Contact History] table, add a rollup that pulls this value back in. It doesn’t need to be formatted, so I just use values by itself for the aggregation function.

Now add a formula field to [Contact History] that only shows the text from the record matching this date:


Finally, go back to the [People] table and add one more rollup to pull in this text:

Hide all the helper fields and you’re done.

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