Filter data from Link to another record based on Child age in months


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I’m using Link to another record to provide a pick-list of Child Skills for measurement. These Skills are age-dependent where they are only measured where the Child age-in-months is in range for the Skill being measured.

For example: [Skill Being Imaginative, age-months-min, age-months-max]

Pretends that one object represents another, 16, 26
Uses movement to express feelings, 30, 50

Where for a Child aged 20 months only Row #1 may be selected/picked.
Where for a Child aged 30 months only Row #2 may be selected/picked.

Are there any native Airtable functions that can achieve this type of range test against a Link to another record? Are there any Integrations that could help provide this function?

Any and all ideas appreciated.


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