Filter Help AND + OR


Looking to see if there is a workaround to airtables filter. For my current need, I would require a filter offering AND plus OR.

Essentially I am looking to see the invoice status as “raised” and then filter 3 potential options from the same field.

I don’t think the native filter is a functional option for me. Would it make the most sense to create a nested IF statement which satisfies multiple options from the same field?


I lean on AT for my order processing. Each record is an invoice and I also use it to track several fields in that record.

I am attempting to create a new view which is commission focused.

The conditions I want to create a filter for are -

  1. Field: Invoice Status / Condition: Raised
  2. Field: Item / Condition: Trip Income
  3. Field: Item / Condition: Detention
  4. Field: Item / Condition: Other services
  5. Field: Date / Condition: Specific Date Range
  6. Field: Comms Status / Condition: Final


I would say so. Whenever I encounter this situation, I create a formula field and, as you said, use nested IF() and/or SWITCH() functions to create outputs I can filter on. This usually takes the form of some sort of “Status” that is output by the formula.


Thanks Jeremy for the quick response.

Thinking about it… the Item field which I want to sort for is a Linked field type.

So my quick and dirty workaround is adding a LOOK UP field. I simply added a Yes/No field in the Item Linked table as I needed.

I then can filter for that YES or No without running into the And + Or conflict.