Filter logical operations: AND, OR

Is it possible to use more than a single logical operator for filtering results? So far, I see there is only the option to filter based on the AND logical operator or the OR logical operator. Is it possible to combine these? For example:

(“Status” contains “active” AND “Due Date” is within “1 month”)
(“Status” contains “started” AND “Due Date” is “empty”)

Otherwise, I need two separate filters and cannot see projects side-by-side easily.

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No, this is not possible with filters, but you could create a formula like that, and then filter on the formula.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I think that is definitely the way to make it work. I just found this link: The essentials of Airtable formulas – Airtable Support

But I think the admin disabled formulas for our Airtable. Will have to check if this can be opened up to non-Power Users.

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