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Good morning all :sunrise:

I’m wondering if there’s any method to filter a MarkDown Long Text field that contains checked and unchecked tick boxes? Interestingly enough, I can write regex formulas columns that return various values - but I’m unable to run a filter directly on the Long Text Markdown field.

Filter returns empty;

As a workaround I’ve employed the below formula - but would be far better if we could simply filter for this condition directly without the need for funky-formula.

REGEX_MATCH({Status}, "\\[ \\]")
REGEX_MATCH({Status}, "\\[x]")

EDIT: Almost forgot, this check count formula;

(LEN({Status}) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE({Status},"[ ]","")))/LEN("[ ]")
(LEN({Status}) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE({Status},"[x]","")))/LEN("[x]")

Keen for any ideas.

I’ve never thought about this.

Can you filter by 0 or 1?

I’m sure some of the scripting magicians here would have a solution.

Yah, absolutely you can. Filters and formulas are amazing, and make up for all the shortcomings of filters (but I won’t derail this thread with my other filter wants and needs :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Example below of filtering the formula that calcs off of the Tick-box Markdown - which work well for a solution, but the problem is I don’t want to have to build formulas anytime I need to filter Markdown check-boxes.

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