Filter on a single row in grid view


I have a grid of store locations (actually, Starbucks in Canada, but it’s just what I found to work with).

What I’d like to do is have the grid and a map (using Google Maps w/a block) and when I select a subset of rows (or even one); have the filter apply to the block.

So, what I’m asking for is row-based selection/filter. How do people achieve that?


What you can do is you can have a check box field that you use as your filter selector (“Show me these records when I check them”).

Then create another grid view that filters to show only checked records.

Then have your Map block tied to that filtered view. You can still check/uncheck records in your original non-filtered view, but since they appear/disappear from the filtered view, and since the Map block is tied to that filtered view, they should appear or disappear from the map as you check or uncheck them.


And that worked like a bought one.

Thanks Jeremy: perfect solution. More to come, but this answers my immediate problem AND gives me a sense of how AirTable “works”.