Filter on Concatenated Fields

I have a rollup field on our Customer Tracker that concatenates the project stage for each of the projects associated with a single customer. I want to filter on projects that are post-implementation to flag CSM’s to update Customer health information. Currently, I can only filter on one entry, and when I had others into the filter, it filters out everything.


Can you give a specific example of the problem you’re experiencing? Something about your description of your base/table setup isn’t clicking. Screenshots might help to make things more clear (if your data isn’t too sensitive/confidential)

Sure! So I have a base with several tables. One table is an Account Master that is our “source of truth” for how many accounts we are working with. I have another table that is a table showing all of our current implementations. For one customer, we may be implementing several projects depending on the group we have contracted with.

I have made a rollup to the Stage the implementations are in on the Account Master, but it comes in as a text string. When I try to filter, say on “Completed” items, if I enter “Completed” as a filter, for accounts that have “Completed” and also “Implementing” it will not show these fields. It basically has to match the FULL text string in that field.

We have decided to move away from this use case bc it does not fit our needs right now, but may still be a good thing to develop.

Thanks for the details. Strangely enough, I can’t replicate it on this end. I’ve tried in several bases where I’ve got rollups, and Airtable correctly filters based on a portion of the field contents.