Filter rows by comparing two fields

Hi there!

Is there currently a way to filter the rows in a table by comparing two fields?

I’d like to only show rows where a value is not equal to the value of linked record. I am able to display them next to each other using a linked row, but the filter function seems to require a static value to compare with. Am I right on this?


Hi Till,

It’s currently not possible to set this up directly in the Filter menu, but there a simple workaround with one extra step:

  1. First, create a Formula field in the table, with the formula Field1 = Field2, using the names of the two fields you want to compare. To verify that this step was successful, the value should be 1 if the two fields are the same and 0 otherwise.
  2. Filter the table to records where this new Formula field’s value is 1. That will filter it to only records where Field1 and Field2 are the same.

Hi Matt, I’m sorry to get back to you so late! I just wanted to thank you for reply, this works perfectly!

Nice workaround Matt… worked perfectly!

I have been using the suggested workaround. However, I wish you could specify the field as the comparator without having to add yet another field. Would be a nice feature … just saying.