Filter to only show records with checkbox UNchecked?

Unless I’m missing something major, there doesn’t seem to be an out-of-the-box solution which allows you to filter so as only display records which have a checkbox field unchecked. Checked yes, but unchecked no.

Is this an accidental oversight by Airtable? Some reason why this is not possible? Seems like it would be an easy and really great thing to implement.

Unless of course this is actually possible and I’m missing something really obvious… (am new to Airtable!)

I realise that you can do a “workaround” using a formula , e.g. IF(Checkbox = 1, “A”, “B”), then filter “for is not A”

Hi @Adam_Green - your formula will work, but you can actually filter on checkbox unchecked - like this:

as opposed to this (filter if checked):



ahh thank you Jonathan! I was too fixated on the “is”/“is not” choice, rather than seeing the unchecked checkbox as actually being a thing unto itself which would have consequence.

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Is there a way for the checkbox to disappear completely after being checked?