FilterByFormula formulation

I’m close, but no cigar. Hey guys – what am I doing wrong here? I’m trying to find a specific record, with a specific date. I’m able to find one side of the formula at a time, but when I try them together my code crashes. I know it’s some dumb syntax thing. What is it?

let myFilterByFormula = “{Playlists} = “1WHXgsAyhX66lcrOKeGpOb”, AND(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Monitor Date}, ‘days’) = 2)”

Thanks in advance!


let myFilterByFormula = “AND({Playlists} = '1WHXgsAyhX66lcrOKeGpOb', DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Monitor Date}, ‘days’) = 2)”

The AND was in the wrong place.