Filterbyformula in two fields


With the API custom with a filterbyformula, I would like to collect all record, corresponding to my needs, from two differents fields.


Like, in this case i would like to get all records into “expediteur” field where {} corresponding. But now in my case, I would like the same but into two fields. (expediteur & destinataire) is it possible ? And how to write that ? Thanks you

First build your formula in the Airtable user interface. You will probably need to use the AND() or OR() function in your formula to combine the conditions. Once you have a working formula, the rest is string manipulation.

This is not exactly what I need. Actually, i want to add another field into my API. I don’t know how to add another field next to “expediteur” …

What do you want the formula to look like before url encoding?

I would like to search the records where the fiels DESTINATAIRE or the field EXPEDITEUR is equal to the {}.

You cannot simply add a new field name to the filterByFormula value. You need to construct a valid Airtable formula.

For example, if the email is, your formula before url encoding would need to look like


Once you remove white space you would have …


After url encoding you would have …

Thanks this is exactly what i need! Thank you

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