Filtered Linked Records by View not working properly?

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I’m encountering an issue I don’t understand, as it should be pretty straightforward. Maybe one of you may help…

The “Event” table is Linked to the “Invoices” Table, through the Invoice_ID’s linked record (see below) :

Capture d’écran 2021-11-29 à 15.51.26

An Event can have multiple invoices attached to it (as in multiple attendees). However in the above screenshot, the Invoice ID that you see IS NOT in the “Paid only Invoices” View, and appears anyway in the Linked record field which, as far as I understand, should not :

My idea is to manage Event stock with Paid only invoices, so for me it would be very practical to have this information on this table.

Thank you or your help with this !

Unfortunately, that option only makes things look cosmetically different on the screen when seeing the list, but it doesn’t actually prevent users from adding any values that they would like to that field.

You may want to email to ask them to improve how this functions.

A possible workaround to this problem is to only allow people to create new records via a form, because Airtable’s forms never let people add new values to a linked record field that don’t already appear in the list.


Thank you @ScottWorld !

I understand this is a limitation from Airtable, as stated in one of their support article…Too bad !

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Another possible workaround for this would be to use the portal for your data entry, instead of using the Airtable user interface. MiniExtensions has the option to prevent people from adding new entries as well.

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Thanks @ScottWorld

Actually I’m using MiniExtensions for other use cases so I will look into it !


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