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Hi, I have a view in one of my bases with a date field called ‘Live Date’ and a filter that’s defined as ‘Where “Live Date” is “today”’.

I would expect that each day I would open this view, the records in the view would reflect the day’s date.

However, this is not the case - the records that stay in the view are those that were marked as ‘today’ on the day the filter was created.

This makes it difficult to use Airtable for to-do management as you have to remember to clear the filter and remake it. It’s also challenging when the person using the database isn’t the one who made it and that person only has a read-only permission.

This seems inconsistent with other filter behaviours - for example on when filtering on single selects records will move in and out of the base automatically.

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Same problem. I tried to create a function and output data if it is true. but this filter works only if you remove it and put again into a new day.



I assume that you hare using the TODAY() in that Live Date field. The reference says:

these functions change only when the formula is recalculated or a base is loaded

So as I understand the data should update when loading and entering the base, or reloading the page, isn’t it? Sad that this is not working :weary:

In the other hand, I don’t understand what are you trying to do with that field. If you add a field called Due Date, then you could compare with today or do a filter. Can you explain please?


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Hi Elias,

I’m not using a formula, just a filter on a date field.

I have an editorial planner for social media posts.

I just want to be able to open this view, see what today’s posts are when the view loads, and then paste out of it and close the view.

At the moment, I’m having to clear the filter and then re-make it every day after midnight when the date changes.



Reviewing the thread I noticed that it’s a date field :pensive:. What date do you store for every record? You have to enter any date: birthday, due date, event date, etc. It seems like you expects that the date field gets automatically as Today.

I have a base to manage events, and I have 2 Views with a filter like:

  • Schedule: the filter is “>= Today”
  • Archive: the filter is “< Today”

Both of them works properly. I don’t know if I am missing something :thinking::fearful:



Hey there,

I think what I have tried before could help you.

So here I have 3 fields
Firs I entered the desired dates
then I came up with a basic formula for “Alarm?” -> DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), Date, ‘days’)
This will calculate the difference between the first date (in the field “Date”) and today in “days”. then in the next field, we have “ALArm!”.

Another formula -> IF({Alarm?} >= 5, “Ok”,IF({Alarm?} >= 3, “Close”,IF({Alarm?} >= 1, “Danger”,IF({Alarm?} < 1, “Dead”))))

This was something I tried just for fun, I hope it helps and if you have any other questions just go ahead :slight_smile:



Hi Matt,

This is certainly unexpected. Does it not work for any of your bases, even just a simple one with only a couple columns and few dates or only on your main one?

Can you email so we can investigate exactly what’s not working for you?




I tried. It does not work as it should.
The field has a new 1 and 0, but the filter gives the old values. As long as I do not make it a condition of the filter again.



I have the same problem. The only way I seem to be able to get around it is to change “Where [field] is Today” to “Where [field] is [another date]” and then change it back to Today.



Yes. Any filter change - and the data is displayed well again. But it would be very nice if they updated themselves. Doing it manually is not convenient, and can be easy to forget and lose money / client / agreement.




Make it very difficult to use Airtable as a to-do list.

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The same airtable problem: my wife and my friend’s Design Studio (20 employees).
They use airtable for projects and tasks.



I still don’t get what you need. Why something like this does not work?

Of course you could add a Status field (or Done field), and filter also by it.




We’re investigating this issue—it should be automatically updating the visible records in the view without the need to change filters, so there’s a bug.





Any word on this yet?



Looks like this is still a problem. Any update?



We improved time-based filters in September to fix some of these issues.

Please email if this issue is still happening for you so we can investigate more closely. Thank you!

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