Filtering calendars based on each date field


Is there a way to filter a calendar view for conditions relating to each field separately? For example, we have to chase a customer for an invoice twice. Accordingly, we mark a first chase date and a second chase date and then a corresponding checkbox for each chase to mark that we have completed it. What I am hoping to build is a calendar view that displays all the outstanding chases that we have to do (both the first and the second chases - meaning there are two date fields). I want to filter out all the chases where the corresponding checkbox is ticked (i.e. we have completed it). I couldn’t build the logic perfectly for this when applied to both date fields however. It would be very convenient to filter the first date field based on whether First Chase is unticked and filter the second date field based on whether the Second Chase is unticked. If applied to both date fields simultaneously, the first chase still appears on the calendar as the second chase is still remaining to be done.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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