Filtering dashboard element based on record picker

Hello! I’m working with a base that has a record of all our organization’s projects, and I’m trying to design a project-level dashboard where people can go in, select the project they want from the record picker, and see all the relevant info for that project.

I have already set up the record picker and added some key project fields, but also want to include a timeline element based on key dates. To do this, I’ve tried clicking on Add element > All elements > Timeline and adding it to the dashboard. The problem is that this displays a timeline for all projects, and is not filtered to the project already selected in the record picker.

Is there a way to link my record picker to the timeline element? I tried editing the filter on the timeline element and connecting the record picker as a filter element, but that doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Thanks!

Hi Shannon, could you share a screenshot of the tables you’re trying to display data from in the Interface please?

Once I have a clearer picture of how your tables are set up I’ll be able to suggest something. I can’t really help right now as I’m not sure how the data comes together, sorry!

Assuming you’ve got a Tasks table where the start and end dates exist, and each task record is linked to a record in a Projects table, you could technically use a button to update the selected record. From there, we would use the rollup max(values) trick to display the appropriate start and end dates and then use an automation to clear the updated field so that it works for the next button press


Honestly, it’s pretty fragile; if you switch between records and click the button before the automation fires, it might bug out.

The alternative would involve some sort of automation running to change the timeline display, which would mean 2-5 seconds of delay after clicking the button before the timeline updated. More robust, but much laggier

Thanks Adam! I think your suggestions re: a button or automation would probably work, although you’re right that the fragility/lag wouldn’t be ideal. To make sure there isn’t some alternative I’m missing based on how my base is set up, I’m sharing the screenshots below. I can’t share screenshots from our real base, but I created a small sample base that approximates how ours is set up.

We have a main Projects table with project start and end dates, and some linked tables including a People table with name, contact info, etc.

I started off creating a basic interface based off a Projects record picker (just an example, please ignore how ugly it is haha):

From there, I want to add an element like a timeline or, in this example, a grid, that summarizes some of that Project’s info, as opposed to just displaying it in individual fields. When I try to add an element where the Projects Record Picker is the source, it does filter the element to the selected project but I can only select fields that are linked records (in this example, Staff is the only option in the field dropdown), not the dates that I’m trying to summarize:

If I try to add an element with the main Projects table as a source, I can choose the fields that I want to display but seem to have no way to apply the Project Record Picker to it as a filter.

Let me know if that sparks any alternative solutions, or if you have any questions! Thanks!

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Actually, I ended up finding a work around for this myself! It’s not ideal but it gets the job done without setting up any automations.

My goal was to use elements (e.g. timelines, grids, calendars) to summarize project-level info in addition to the individual fields, and I wanted to use the projects record picker to filter both the elements and the individual project fields. The problem is that when you are using a record picker as your data source, you can only add elements for linked tables, and everything else has to be added as an individual field.

You can see that problem here, where I wanted to add a grid displaying Project Start and End Dates. With my Project Record Picker as the data source, the only option in the “Field” drop down was the linked field Staff, which inserted a grid element summarizing the People table it links to.

My work around is that I went into the People table, selected the Projects linked field, and added the Start and End Dates as lookup fields in that People table (and then hid them, to avoid cluttering up the view). Back in my interface, I can now use the Project Record Picker as a data source, select Staff as my field, and insert an element based on that Projects table where I just select the start and end dates I want to show.

Adding unnecessary lookup fields to the tables in my base isn’t great, but it is solves my problem. My goal also doesn’t make much sense in the context of the sample base I set up, but in my real base where I’m doing it with some different data and a timeline it’s working really well!

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Oooh that’s a really nice workaround. From your setup I learned about the connected field thing too, so that’s really neat

Thank you for taking the time to explain everything, and I’m glad you got it sorted!

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