Filtering Linked Records in Page Designer

I’m using page designer to create reference documents for each of the clients who have scheduled visits to my organization to take part in our outreach programming.

The page references information from a “Client” table which in turn links to a table called “Group Visits” listing all of the visit dates for clients coming to the organization. The date or dates that a Client will be visiting are shown as a table in the Page Designer Block along with additional data from the “Group Visits” table. Included in the data is a “Status” column which is a single select filed indicating whether the visit is “pending”, “booked”, "cancelled’ or “completed”.

I want to be able to filter the linked records so that “Group Visit” entries with statuses of “Completed” or “cancelled” no longer show up in the table on the page designer block. This way, when an existing client makes a new reservation for a visit, their previously “completed” or “cancelled” visits will not show up in the table on the page designer block.

Because the page designer block references the “Clients” table I can’t use any of the filtered views I have set up on the “Group Visit” table. And turning on “Limit record selection to a view” in the linked record field on the “Client” table doesn’t seem to accomplish this either.

Hi Matt,

I’m really hoping that some day we’ll have the ability to filter and/or group the records in Page Designer as well! Until then, I’ve used this as a workaround in a couple different work flows (link below).

Basically, I use a formula to model a table row using the REPT() function, spaces " “, and pipes “|”. Then a rollup field on another table separates each row with new lines (”\n"), and the result in page designer is neat rows of data.

It’s not as pretty as the linked record table is, and the functionality is nil in comparison, but it does the job for me for now!