Filtering Linked Records / Showing Tokens for Roll-ups

I’m looking to be able to filter linked records or show roll-up output as tokens / “bubbles” as opposed to simply text.

Details: I have a CRM with 3 columns in my main table. 1) Deal (Short text); 2) Team member (multi select); 3) Deal Status (single select, say Status A and B)

I want to create a team table where team members are the first column / “key.” I then want to have a column with Status A deals for that member and another column with Status B members.

I tried linking to deals table and filtering by view but it doesn’t do anything. I then tried a rollup which worked, but has the output as a text string with commas (Deal 1, Deal 2, Deal 3…) as opposed to the typical “bubbles” or “tokens” you see with multi-select fields.

Is there a way to make it show up as “bubbles” or “tokens” See below for illustration. Thank you!


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