Filtering Multiples


I have a single select field that I’d like to filter out 2 choices from a calendar view. I have only figured out how to filter out one of them but if I click on another filter option it associates it with the previous.

Basically the column is a single select Editorial Type. I want to filter out the choices Advertising and Instagram from it. I’ve only figured out how to filter out one or the other but not both at the same time. Is this possible?


Hi Francesca,

Have you tried to enter a second filter option using “or”? Like this:

Editorial Type | IS | Advertising

or” (in stead of “and”)
Editorial Type | IS | Instagram



Thanks for the suggestion André! I’ve actually gotten it to filter out by doing Editorial Type is not Advertising or Editorial Type is not Instagram. Now I’m left with the types I’m looking for. Thanks so much that was a simple fix I didn’t try.