Filtering problem

I have a country column and a rating column, each with multiple options. I wish to apply a filter to see only “a, b and c” countries that have “x” rating. This does not seem possible with Airtable, which blows my mind a bit?

I apply "Where country is “a” " at the top, then “Or b,” then “Or, c”, but I’m then unable to apply an “And” function to apply the single rating I wish to see for those countries.

Is anyone able to explain why this seemingly simple function isn’t available?

Many thanks in advance.

Filters can’t combine AND and OR selections. If “Country” is a multi-select field, you could use the “contains any of” instead of the absolute “is” qualifier, and then add a new filter condition with AND for the “Rating” field.

Hi Kamille thank you for your help on that. Mind if I ask why you can’t combine those selection types? Just curious.

No clue, its just how they’ve designed their filter ui. Probably to keep record selection simple/non-confusing.

But limited, I guess! Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @Zachary_Gottlieb - you can work around the AND/OR issue by creating a formula field, where you can do AND/OR. Something like

    OR({country} = 'a', {country} = 'b', {country} = 'c'),
    {some other thing} = 'xyz'

Then your view filter can be based on this formula field being 1 or 0.


A bit above my pay grade, but thank you Jonathan!

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