Filtering the selectable values in a linked field, depending on the value in another linked field


I’m wanting to create a table with functionality such that:

The “Name” of session Making Software is classified by “Topic” and “Subtopic”.

Now, “Topic” is a linked to a list of records in the Topic table:

This is pretty straightforward. And you can see that the Topic table links to a Subtopic table, with subtopics for each topic.

When creating Sessions, I’d like to:

  • Create a new Session record and specify the name (e.g. Making Software)
  • Then select one of the Topics for that record (e.g. Computers)
  • And then when I go to Subtopic for the Session … only subtopics for the topic are displayed and selectable (i.e. Apple & Windows are displayed, not Dyson)

Is there some capability in AirTable that says: display the linked records for this table, but only those whose field matches that which is in this column?

I hope that’s sufficiently clear :slight_smile:


Currently, there is only one known way to do this in Airtable, and it is outlined in this thread:


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