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Our team has a base with records that include a status field. We have a form for people outside our team to submit job requests. Is there a way to filter a view that only shows records submitted through the form? I was thinking perhaps assign the status “Under Review” by default when the form is submitted and then filter on that, but assigning defaults doesn’t seem to be an option. Is there another way to do this?

Thank you and let me know if you need further information from my end.

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There is an automation trigger for when a specific form is submitted.

So you can create an automation that tags those records in any way that you would like when they get submitted.


If you add a “Created By” field, you can set the filter to “Created by = Anonymous” since all form submissions are not associated with a particular user. You may also see records created via an Automations because those are also anonymously created.

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Thank you both, @ScottWorld and @Kamille_Parks. I ended up going with Kamille’s suggestion, but I plan on using automation to trigger an email to particular people when a new submission comes in via the form. Thanks again, this was super helpful.

I believe that records created by Automations will show the word “Automations” instead of “Anonymous” for the Created By.

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