Filters for Read only Users

Hi all,

I’ve read various threads on permissions etc when sharing Databases. I am still confused if it’s possible for read only users to still be able to filter views or if there is any way at all to be able give people the ability to use filters without having to pay extra on my monthly bill.

I think I’ve tried the various methods but every time I make the access privileges read only the filters disappear.

For people viewing the data it is only really useful if they can filter it down to what they are looking for.

I’m also a bit worried in my tests if I gave someone editor permissions im suddenly going to be billed for it *yikes!

Any help would be brilliant.


Hi @Glen_Saberton

If you share a “read only” VIEW link, people should always be able to filter, group, sort and search the records of that specific view. If you share your base or workspace as a read only, you indeed lose that functionality (apparently).


which doesnt make any sense because i would need someone who is a collaborator to have that ability and not someone who is external.

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I have no answers on this one I’m afraid… :man_shrugging:

Thank you everyone. I completely missed the share option in each view. It’s a bit of hassle not being able to send a whole base with ‘read only’ access (and with filter options) but at least there’s a way round it.

Thanks again

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