Filters Question



I am a new Airtable app user.

I have a question about filters.

I would like to set up a filter so that I can search for the same face value and date of a postage stamp.

All stamps that are, i.e.:

and for a range of values:

I would also like to do the same for dates:

full date (MM/DD/YYYY)
or just the year

I was hoping to reuse the same filters for other face values and dates. I just don’t want to have to create a new filter for each face value and date, but if I have no choice, than that’s fine.

I may need a few step by step instructions, since this is quite new.

I realize that this can be done by formulas. I am also planning on posting a formula question. I find filters easier for me to understand, as for formulas, for myself, I find them a bit complicated.

I have iPads, one with iOS 10 and one with iOS 11 which I will be using both and I have WIN 7, desktop. I wasn’t sure if this is required, but I thought to include it.

Thank you for your help.


Hello, hope I can help.

In first place, Filters and Formulas are not the same type of concept. You structure the data with Tables (entities) and Fields (properties). In every table you have a default View with all the records and fields, and you can create new Views to restrict with records and fields to show.

A Formula is a special type of Field where you can do calculations and logic operations with the other Fields. A Filter is a method to choose with records do you show based on conditions with the Fields.

I don’t understand how do you structure your base and what type of Fields are face value. But with date you have several conditions that you can use in Filters:

Also, if you want a similar View with a few differences (Filters, Sorting…), you can duplicate a View, or even copy the configuration of other View to a already created View:

The best way to use Airtable is in the web interface, with that Windows 7 Desktop computer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Thank you for your reply.

I created a field called ‘FACE VALUE’. In this field I entered all of the values of the postage stamps. Each record will have one face value i.e .01, .25, .85.cents. There are a variety of values with many of the records having the same value.

What I was hoping to do is create a filter that will search the base for a singular value and another filter to search for a range of values that I can than reuse the filter, if I cannot reuse it, that’s fine.

As for the dates, I created a field ‘DATE OF ISSUE’. It to is set up similarly to the face values: DD/MM/YYY format with one date per record, with different dates, but with more than one record with the same date. With the dates I would like to create a filter to search the base for one date and a filter to search a range of dates. and that I can also reuse the filter, if I cannot reuse it, that’s fine, too.

I hope this helps to clarify my post. :grinning:

Thank you!



I am hoping someone can help me with this topic of Filters, since I am new at this. I was hoping that I can use filters for a range of currencies and dates (more details in this thread). I will probably need step by step instructions i.e. what comparison value to use. I can understand how to create a single filter, it’s just the group filters that I don’t know how to create, at least I am hoping I can do this. If not, is there a way to search the base for these records in the free version.

Thank you, I realize you are busy, so any help would be appreciated.


You already have the needed conditions and operators in the Filters. Check this demo table:

I have created some Views with Date and Value filters. You can also combine them.



Thank you for your help with the filters. I have already set them up. :grinning:

I have a quick question. Now that I have my filters/views how do I view all my base records (original records), on both my iPad and WIN 7? Do I have to delete my saved filters?

Thank you for your help.


You can have another View without Filters to view all records.