Financial Formulas: is Airtable considering to launch financial formulas in the future?

Hi, guys! I couldn’t find a Roadmap for Airtable (I suppose it doesn’t exist) and I’d like to know if Airtable has plans to add financial formulas to the current list of formulas.
I have a table where I collect some financial indicators and I’d like to do some basic calculations like standard deviation, variance, etc. I can’t do that in Airtable and I have to use Excel for that.
I know Airtable isn’t a spreadsheet, but I hope developers could add more functionalities….

Airtable does not currently publish a roadmap for future features.

Some of the calculations that you want to use could be calculated using a script.

Thank you! I will consider using scripts for that!

On2Air: Actions has several financial functions available.

And if they don’t have the financial functions that you’re looking for, you can submit a feature request to @openside.


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