Find Date X Works Days Before/After


In a base, I have a column called {Launch Date}. I would like create a new column that contains the date X work days before {Launch Date}. I do not know this date in advance and want this new column to generate it!


Hi Greg!
You can achieve this by using a formula field with the Datetime_Diff function. Here’s documentation on how to use it:

LMK if you run into any challenges setting this up

You actually don’t want the DATETIME_DIFF() function as suggested by @Julian_E_Post.

You would accomplish this with a Formula field using WORKDAY({Launch Date}, -x), where “x” equals the number of days. The subtraction symbol ensures the formula gives you that number of workdays before x as opposed to after it.


Good point @Kamille_Parks !

Thank you! I appreciate it!

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