Find Difference Between Fields


Hi There! I’m looking to find the difference between two fields. Specifically, I have a field for who Registered for a meeting and a field for who actually Attended that meeting. I want to be able to see who Registered but did not attend OR who Attended but did not register. Thanks for any help you can provide!


in your output field, do you want results like, ‘Attended and Registered’, ‘Only Attended’, and ‘Only Registered’?

If so you’ll want to do something like =if(AND({Attendance}=“yes”,{Registered}=“yes”),“Attended and Registered”,if({Attendance}=“yes”,“Only Attended”,“Only registered”))

I may have forgotten a parenthesis, but basically this is probably the type of IF() and AND() structure you would need.


Thank you for this and I’m sure it would work but it looks a bit greek to me. I’m very new to AirTable. Where would I add this “code”? Thank you!!