FIND multiple text in a cell

Hi, I can’t find a solution to this:

I have a Lookup field that consists of multiple text values separated by a comma. I’m adding a seperate column to indicate the status based of that Lookup field which should contain of 3 possible values:

  1. IF FIND “Paid” = Completed
  2. IF FIND “Pending” = Pending
  3. IF FIND AND “Pending” & “Completed” = Partially Completed

Now it seems that AND doesn’t work in combination with FIND.

Has anyone found a solution for this?

Hey Joel, think we’re getting hit by the way lookups are formatted

Check this base out

FIND works as expected for linked fields and rollup fields but not for lookups it seems

The rollup field worked for me! Thank’s for your support :pray: :blush:

@Adam_TheTimeSavingCo @Joel1

FIND works with lookup fields, but you need to turn the lookup field into a string by adding & "" after the field name like this:

{Lookup Field} & ""

So, to find something in a Lookup field, it would look like this:

FIND("phrase to look for", {Lookup Field} & "")

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