Find Overlapping Date Ranges

I am using Airtable as a scheduling tool. I am looking for a way to see if have double booked someone on a contract. Here’s an example:

Name Contract Start Date End Date
Sally Hiking 6/1/20 7/1/20
Sally Climbing 6/15/20 7/15/20
Sally Canoe 7/5/20 8/1/20
Billy Hiking 6/1/20 7/1/20
Billy Mountaineering 8/1/20 9/1/20

Sally is on conflicting contracts. I don’t care that Sally and Billy are on conflicting contracts. Is there a way to identify this in Airtable? While I could sort by name and then by start date, I am doing this for 500 - 600 people, so I am looking for a formula or report to help make this faster. An ideal would be a filtered view that somehow outputs the people with conflicting contracts, but certainly open to other ways of solving the problem. Seems like scrolling through a Gantt chart would also be slow.

Thanks for any help!

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