Find record value = empty with Zapier

Hello all! I have been losing my mind for 4 hours on this ‘simple’ task I am trying to implement in my base.

I want to automatically update several fields (example : set Phase to ‘Initiation’) when a new record is created.

I am able to update all required fields with Zapier.

My problem is I am unable to use the ‘Find record’ feature to update the last entry. It would be easy to fix if I was able to simply ‘Find record’ when ‘Field x is empty’ or ‘Find record’ when ‘Auto update for Zapier… = Created’… I don’t understand why I keep getting an error on Zapier… this field exists with only 1 entry set to ‘Created’… and this is the entry I want to update.

Hi @Alex_Langlois,

Why dont you make a new view in your table with a filter on this item then use a Zap on it?


I did try it. Still not working… the Zap requires a field to id the record to be updated. That is exactly my problem.

Hey there - The issue is that you’re not passing in a record ID to the record field.

You need to know what record you are updating before you can update it.

Wherever you are getting that “Created” field, add a formula in Airtable


Use that in your zap, and you should be fine.

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