Find Records Automation Error

I’m attempting to use the the “Find Records” action as part of an automation designed to notify me when there are multiple records with the same description.
The way I currently have it set up:
Trigger: When Record field “Issue Description” is Updated
Action: Find Records where “Issue Description” IS (also tried Contains) “Issue Description” from Step 1 [to identify if it’s the same description]

The automation runs every time I update the field, but keeps returning result of 0 records found even though there are indeed other records with the same description. Not sure what I’m configuring wrong or need to fix to get this to work.

Is your description field a text field? If so, the field is considered “updated” with every key press. By our automation is probably starting to run before you finish your input, which is why the “Find records” action doesn’t even return the original triggering record.

Yes, it is a text field. But I’m also having the same issue using When a Record is Created trigger instead of the when it’s updated.
I noticed in the Run Reports that under the condition it seems to be adding a space (so it says Issue Description is "test " instead of “test”). I don’t know if that may be causing the problem?

That could be part of the problem. When you create a record, are you creating the record with a form that requires the description or are you creating the record in the user interface. When you create a record in the user interface, the description will start off blank.

I’ve tried both ways. When creating in the user interface the automation just fails to run since it starts off blank. When creating through the form, the automation runs “successfully” but just says it found 0 records.

Update: I seemed to have fixed the issue, although I don’t know if this is how it’s intended to work or not.
I was playing around with the condition for it find records based on. Instead of just inserting the [Step 1., Field values, Issue description], I took it a step further and selected the “trim” option. [Step 1., Field values, Issue description, trim] and now it is properly finding the records and running the automation!

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Thanks for posting the solution!
Sounds like that trailing space was the culprit.

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