Find several specific records in Automation

Hello. I am trying to automate linking one record in one table to several records in another table.

I have one table called ‘Payments’ and another called ‘Entries’. Each payment is for several entries. Once a record is created in Payments I need that to trigger an automation that first finds all the records in Entries associated with that payment (I have these as a list, separated by a comma, in a single line text field in the payment record) and then update those records to link them to the payment. Is this possible? So many thanks to anyone who can help!

Does the comma separated list match the primary field of your [Entities] table? If so, you could probably copy that list directly into your link field either manually or through the Automation using a Update Record step without need of Find Records

Hi @Kamille_Parks Thank you for your reply. Yes it does. I’ve tried that but when I test it fails saying ‘Updating the record failed due to insufficient permissions’. I am a creator on the base.

Hi @Kamille_Parks I’ve managed to do it now. I found the records in Entries but then updated the record in Payments by adding the list of found records. Phew! Thank you anyway!