Find the maximum of three date fields on one table

I have three tables, Properties, Contacts, and Companies.

Each table has a Last Unsuccessful and Last Successful contact field. Sometimes I have contact information on one or multiple of these tables (i.e. if a company owns multiple properties then I’ll create the linked relationship).

I need a way to find the maximum date of when I last spoke to someone, whether I’m looking at either of the tables.

On the table below I have two lookup fields and a natural date field for both successful and unsuccessful contacts. I referred to the thread below but not sure why I am getting an error.

You’re probably getting an error because all your date fields are empty.

Ah i see. So how would I write the formula to recognize when there are date values in any of the three fields?

I didn’t show an image with contact information but there are cases where one, or two of the three date fields have a value, and I need to pull the max from the two date fields that have values.

@AM858 You can check if the date is empty first. If it is, you can assign a very early date like 1/1/1901. Now if all three are empty then it will return 1/1/1901 as max date. In this result, you can choose to leave the result empty. The following formula should work.


Let me know if you have questions.

Alternate formula:

   OR({Date 1}, {Date 2}, {Date 3}), 
         IF({Date 1}, VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Date 1}, 'YYYYMMDD'))), 
         IF({Date 2}, VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Date 2}, 'YYYYMMDD'))), 
         IF({Date 3}, VALUE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Date 3}, 'YYYYMMDD')))

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