Find unique text between two columns

I have two columns that currently have the same fields.

Column 1 is a synced column. Column 2 is a copy of Column 1, and we are asking collaborators to go into the base, and add or remove items from Column 2. In Column 3, I want a formula to show me all the items that were added or removed in Column 2 - mostly so we can track those changes and make sure nothing was removed or added incorrectly. Any thoughts on how to do that? Thank you!!!

Since you’re saying “items” are being removed from Column 2, I’m assuming the the values in Column 1 are either comma separated, multi-select, or linked records.

Formulas unfortunately don’t do well with complex logic associated with iterating through and/or analyzing lists of data like that. You’d probably be better off writing a script that could be run via a button in the Apps panel. So you’d run that, wait a few moments, and that would populate the correct values to column 3.

Yes, the items in Column 1 are comma separated, and they are linked records in Column 2. It’s unfortunate that I can’t write a formula, but thanks for the suggestion on a script - I’ll look into that!

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