Finding and returning a number from a URL link

Hi! I’m trying to create a formula where my Primary Field is a number that I need to pull from a URL link:

Currently, I am using the formula RIGHT() to tell the formula to find the last three characters from the right of the URL link, which won’t work once we get to 4 digits, or if for some reason the URL structure changes adding an extra character at the end.

Is there a way to find only a number from a URL and return it as such?

Thank you.

Not really. Unfortunately, Airtable offers neither a Split() function nor regular expressions.

Does this seem to be what you’re looking for?


If so, the formula to handle 8 digits of precision is:

RIGHT({URL}, 8 - SEARCH("/", RIGHT({URL}, 8)))

If you anticipate new URL formats that would add a slash and second parameter on the end, it is possible to add another search to determine where the added slash is positioned.

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Thank you so much @Bill.French ! This will work perfectly :slight_smile: