Finding Draft Date before due date

I need a formula that will automatically fill in a draft date that comes 5 days before the due date AND has to land on a weekday. So far I have, IF({Project Size}=“Large”, DATEADD({Activity/Due Date},-5,‘d’)). This almost works for me but say I have a due date of 8/1 and I need the draft submitted for review no later than 7/26 (for a 5 workday review) how do I write the formula to land on that date and move dates according to due dates that follow?

Hi @IRS - you can use this formula

WORKDAY({Due Date}, -5)

i.e. WORKDAY with a negative number of days added.

Note that this gives a date of 5 working days before your due date, but not including your due date (which your example above seems to include), so you may need to change this to:

WORKDAY({Due Date}, -4)



Thanks, @JonathanBowen!