Finding Duplicate Instances in Field via Formula

I would like to flag a new record if it arrives and the email address of the new record matches an email address of a record already in the base.

I have gotten as far as lowercasing the email addresses to ensure the capitalization doesn’t throw it off, but I just want to have a visual flag immediately showing as an output in a field.

We have the pro version, and the dedupe block, but we want to just be able to see quickly if a record exists before wasting time deduping it or outright ignoring the new record.

How does this new record arrive?

It comes directly via jotform into AT. I usually scrub it into AT via zapier, but we blow through too many zaps formatting and bringing in uploads to the form. I do have a zap to assign it a status once it hits the table. I think the limitation I was running into in Zapier was that it didn’t find all instances but rather just an instance, which should suffice. Should I just add on another task to filter for other instances and note duplicate task? I thought about using a script in AT since we have pro, but I feel like it takes just as long to open dedupe.

Yes, you should handle it in Zapier ahead of time, before it makes it into Airtable. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, check out Integromat.

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