Finding existing record, search on all fields?

I’m evaluating AirTable and ran into a problem that is keeping us from purchasing. When finding an existing record, only the key field is being used to match what the user is typing. We need to search and match all the fields in the lookup table, not just a key. Is there a way to do this?

I’ve seen a few other posts on this topic from a year or two ago, but no answer. Hoping there is a way now :slight_smile:

Try the search block. It will let you search across multiple tables, and you can decide which tables. It isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, but it is pretty close.

I think Damon is desperately looking for an extended search option when trying to find an existing record (link to another record). Just searching by reference field is not enough, for e.g. when dealing with huge PO lists linked.


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Can you give a specific example, with table and field names?

If the Search block does not do what you want, there might be a way to accomplish what you want using filters or scripting block.

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