Finding out, which record is in which column?

Hey there,

i am super new to Airtable but already love it. I am trying to write a little overview tool for our employees and gotten to a point where I could not find answers in tutorials.

I have setup a example database to explain what I am trying to do. I guess it is pretty easy and I just don’t know where to look.

i have one table with all the emplyoes in it. And I have another table with dates and 3 locations. I can now easily assign one employee to a location per day.

What I am trying to achieve is a table, where I would have a overview “the other way around”. Where Names of the employees are in the rows (line in the “Personal” table) and dates are in the colums. With this would like to see, who is where on which day. Is that possible?

I have setup a mockup in photoshop to explain what I am trying to do. Hope someone can give me a short guise on what to do.

Thanks in advance, Thomas

Hi @Thomas_Giegerich and welcome to the community!

Have you taken a look at the Timeline view for this?

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As I only have a basic account, I was not able to try that. But it does not really look like, what I am looking for.

Maybe the pivot table app might be what you’re looking for:

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Thanks - I tryed some of the tutorials, but did not really get how that works.

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