Finding Similar Rows and Making New Record with their Sum

Hello! I have a database of store inventory, and I’d like to see if there’s a way to search for similar rows, and then add up their quantities, and make a new row in a new table with that sum.

For example, I’d like to go through this table, and sum the “Current” and “Past” quantities of rows that have the same “Name” into a new row in a different table. Such that there’s a new table where the rows are composed of: Lollipop Cherry with Current = 15, Past = 35; Lollipop Apple Current = 15, Past = 15; Gum Strawberry Current = 50, Past = 30; Gum Coconut Current = 45, Past = 30.
Would that be possible? If not, is there anything else that could be done to sum said values up?

Indeed, the script block could help you with this, but I have a sense that the new conditional rollup feature (released today) can also do this.

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