Finding the duration between two date and time fields


I have a time and date stamp being created in a field (Last Modified Time) for a field that we use to say when an Estimate can be made - sort of a “Clock starts ticking Now!” timestamp. The original field that the Last Modified is watching is filled by a Zapier workflow.

I then have a second field that gets time and date stamped (Last Modified Time) with when we check a box for when a user says the Estimate is done.

Lets say the 1st field has a date and time stamp of 8/1/21 2:30 pm, and the second field has a time stamp of 8/2/21 3:34 pm. How do I calculate the difference between the two? The goal is 48 hrs, so if the total came out as hours I would be fine with that. I currently have tried the following formulas but it seems to be related more to the fomatting allowed by AT but that is just a guess. Here is what I tried:

DATETIME_DIFF({Time Stamp on Estimate Checked}-{Time Stamp - Start Time})

also tried:

{Time Stamp on Estimate Checked}-{Time Stamp - Start Time}

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Wayne_Merlino

The formula should be formed with commas instead of “-”.


DATETIME_DIFF({Time Stamp on Estimate Checked},{Time Stamp - Start Time}, "hours")

More info.

You can then nest this formula into an IF statement.

PS: also check out the native “time tracker app”.

That worked perfectly! Thank you! I will also check out the time tracker app.

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