Finding the position of a string in an array

Hi Everyone,

I am struggling to develop a formula to determine which position in an array another field is located. Here is my example:

  • The Array of Trans# is 2239, 4539, 4792, 8912, 10394
  • I am trying to find a formula that says Trans# 4792 is in position 3, Trans# is in position 1, Trans# 8912 is in position 4, etc.

I can use FIND to tell me the starting position of the string, but cannot figure out to determine which position Trans# is.

Thanks so much in advance.

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Do you want something like this?


It isn’t clear if your array is a text string, a lookup, or a rollup.
If your array isn’t a text string, you will need to convert it to one first. The exact method depends on the field types involved.

Here is a formula where both the “array” and the string to find are text fields. If either is a different field type, this formula will not work.

On the other hand, I am not sure what your use case is, and I wonder if there is some better solution that does not involve getting the exact position.

    FIND(" " & {Element} & ",", " " & {Array As String} & ",")
    LEFT(" " & {Array As String} & ",", FIND(" " & {Element} & ",", " " & {Array As String} & ","))
  ) - 
      LEFT(" " & {Array As String} & ",", FIND(" " & {Element} & ",", " " & {Array As String} & ",")),
  ) + 1

Thank so much - this worked brilliantly.

I am constantly amazed and the knowledge in this community.

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