Finding trends between tables


Hey everyone

I searched far and wide but couldn’t find a solution to this. Thank you in advance for your help.

I’m trying to build a Base that will enable me to match mentors with mentees. I have a table for mentors, one for mentees and then other tables for Industry, skills etc.

I want to be able to summarise the data from these tables so that I can find commonalities. For example, if a mentor has experience in Retail, and a Mentee is looking for help with their retail business, I want to be able to spot this and connect them.

Here is the test Base:

I think i could achieve this by creating tables for their interests, networks and experience. One to Many. Then link them all together. What I can’t work out is how best to get a summary which helps me spot the trends and commonalities.

Any guidance or tips would be most appreciated.

Thank you.