First Non-Blank Field


I have a situation that I can’t seem to find the best solution to.

I have a reference field that needs to automatically enter the data from the first field of 4 that is not blank in a priority order.

I am able to get two of the 4 fields with a simple nested IF - but I’ll still end up with blank data in the reference field. Was thinking of trying SWITCH but the text in each of the reference fields is unique.

Is there a way to accomplish this via formulas?

My last ditch effort would be to create two separate fields that use the nested IF statement, then use the reference field to have the same nested IF statement for the two fields created. Which isn’t very elegant at all.

Thanks for the help.

Welcome to the community, @George!

A formula like this should work:

{Field 1} != "", {Field 1},
{Field 2} != "", {Field 2},
{Field 3} != "", {Field 3},
{Field 4} != "", {Field 4}

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