Fiscal Week Numbers commencing 1st April


I am new to Airtable, so please forgive if this question has been asked before.
I am trying to autocalculate week numbers based on a created date. I need the week numbers to be:
01/04/2020 to 05/04/2020 = Wk 1
06/04/2020 to 12/04/2020 = Wk 2
13/04/2020 to 19/04/2020 = Wk 3 etc etc

Currently I can only get the week numbers to calculate based on a calendar year and therefore all my weeks are out by 13 weeks or so.

Any help you can give, will be greatly appreciated

This would be a tricky formula to create, but my guess is that you would need to create a formula that subtracts the week number of April 1st (in the year of the actual date) from the week number of the actual date.

In other words: “the week number of the actual date - the week number of April 1st of that same year.”

Then, if your result is either 0 or a positive number, you would add 1 to the result to get your week number.

If your result is a negative number, you would add 1 to the result, and then add either 52 or 53 to it, depending on how many weeks are in that current year.

I’m not exactly sure how to structure this formula — perhaps someone else can chime in.

And maybe there’s an easier way to do this, too, that I’m not aware of! :slight_smile:

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