Fishery - Comparing Year on Year Captures


I am new to Airtable but see it could be the answer? I own a Carp Fishing Lake in France and I have notes of who visited and when, what fish they caught by species and weight and also from what swim. Also held are weather conditions, PH of the water and oxygen levels amongst some other bits

I have most of this data in one table currently albeit the anglers and fish will be in separate tables. I have separated out individual years data as well so I can easily see how many fish and average weights etc. but it does mean flicking through these different tables which is irksome

What is defeating me currently is I want to compare one year against another year so that can look in one place/table and see how many mirror carp were caught in 2017 versus 2018 and 2019 for instance. Also what are the trends in oxygen levels from one year to the next and weights of the fish. To my mind this should be simple and is just a question of displaying the data in a different format to how it is currently held but I can’t seem to see the wood for the trees!

Any suggestions most welcome

Thank you and apologies if this is blindingly obvious but my brain has decided to give up on this issue!

Fishery - Comparing Year on Year Captures