Fit-to-Width for Columns


Please add a fit-to-width option for columns. Right now I have to manually shrink each column for short-data columns. Thank you!


+1. I would also really like this!


I agree and would love to see a fit to width feature.


+1 for this.

Or even the ability to resize please as it is hard to use on ipad when the column I’m trying to read from is cut off too short to be helpful.


Numbers '09 NAILS this.


+1. This would be helpful and would add a lot to Airtable’s (already) great usability.


+1 for this feature.


Yes, please fix this and also allow columns to be re-sized in mobile app. I can’t read text fields in the mobile app. Thanks


+1 for this feature please !!


+1 for this feature AD


Agree but also being able to wrap the longer text in the column header would be AWESOME even if only 2 lines.